Biscuit mix Fairtrade 150 st.

FAIRTRADE KOFFIEKOEKJE: (TARWEBLOEM, fairtrade rietsuiker, plantaardig vet en olie (palmvet, koolzaadolie), fairtrade glucose-fructosestroop, rijsmiddelen (E450, E500), zout, fairtrade kaneel), KANEELKOEKJE: (TARWEBLOEM, margarine (plantaardige vetten en olie (palmvet, kokosvet, raapzaadolie), water, emulgator (E471), voedingszuur (E270), vitamine A en D3, aroma), fairtrade rietsuiker, fairtrade kaneel, rijsmiddelen (E500, E503), zout, kleurstof (E160a)), MARMERKOEKJE: (TARWEBLOEM, fairtrade rietsuiker, plantaardig vet en olie (palmvet, raapzaadolie), fairtrade cacaopoeder, MELKPOEDER, zout, aroma, emulgator (SOJALECITHINE), kleurstof (E160a), rijsmiddel (E503)), KOEKJE IN ALLERHANDE VORMEN: (TARWEBLOEM, plantaardig vet en olie (palmvet, raapzaadolie), fairtrade rietsuiker, MELKPOEDER, zout, citroenrasp (suiker, fruit (citroen, citroenschil), gemodificeerd aardappelzetmeel, zuurteregelaar (E330), conserveermiddel (E224 (SULFIET))), emulgator (SOJALECITHINE), aroma, kleurstof (E160a), rijsmiddel (E503))

Product Per 100 g
Energy = 2040 kJ
Energy = 487 kcal
proteins = 4,8 g
carbohydrates = 65 g
of which sugars = 28 g
total fat = 22 g
saturated fat = 10 g
fibres = 2,1 g
salt = 0,46 g
Contains milk, soy, gluten containing grain, wheat, sulphite
Free from egg, rye, fish, crustacean and shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, celery, sesame, lupine, mustard, molluscs, barley, oat, spelt, kamut, almond, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashewnut, pecan, Brazil nut, pistachio, macadamia nut

This mix consists of four delicious, individually wrapped biscuits, made using the very best Fairtrade ingredients.
This mix contains: Fairtrade coffee biscuit, Fairtrade cinnamon biscuit, Fairtrade marble biscuit, Fairtrade variety shortbread.

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Foodservice (zoet)
Portion packed (sweet)
sweet, responsible, fairtrade

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