Mini cherry and yoghurt cake rolls

Plain sponge: (52%) [Wheat flour, sugar, egg, glucose syrup, soy flour, humectants: (E420, E422), whey powder (contains milk), vegetable fat (palm), raising agents: (E450, E500), potato starch, emulsifiers: (E471, E475), salt, preservative: (E202), colouring: (E160b), flavouring].

Yoghurt flavoured filling: (28%) [Vegetable fat (palm), glucose syrup, sugar, yoghurt powder (contains milk), humectants: (E422), acid: (E330), preservative: (E202), flavouring]

Cherry filling: (16%) [Glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, modified maize starch, cherry puree, apple puree, gelling agent: (E440), colouring: (E163), acidity regulators: (E330, E331), flavouring, preservative: (E202)]

White choco decoration: (4%) [Sugar, vegetable fat (palm), whey powder (contains milk), emulsifier: (soy lecithin), flavouring].

 Nutritional value, per 100 gram final product

Energetic value                           1720  kJ
                                                      409 Kcal
Fats (total)                                    15 g
Saturated                                     8,0 g
Mono unsaturated                      5,8 g
Poly unsaturated                         1,6 g
Trans                                           <0,1 g
Carbohydrates (total)                   62 g
Sugars                                           36 g
Dietary fibers                               0,30 g
Proteins (total)                              5,2 g
Salt (NaCl)                                     0,69 g
Minerals Na                                  0,27 g

May contain traces of: nuts

Mini cake rolls contain light cream and are stuffed with cherry & yoghurt filling. A surprising little treat with coffee or tea. The cake rolls are available separately, in a transparent tray or individually wrapped in a box.

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