Classic Mix 150 st.

Ingrediënten:, KOEKJE GEVULD MET CACAO CRÈME: (koek (TARWEBLOEM, plantaardige oliën (palm, SOJA, zonnebloem, katoenzaad), suiker, maïszetmeel, cacao, zout, rijsmiddelen (E450, E500), aroma, emulgator (SOJALECITHINE)), crème (suiker, plantaardige oliën (palm, SOJA, zonnebloem, katoenzaad), SESAMPASTA, cacao, HAZELNOOTOLIE, johannesbroodpitmeel, emulgator (SOJALECITHINE), aroma, HAZELNOOTPUREE, zout)), LUXE CRÈME BISCUIT: (TARWEBLOEM, suiker, crème (suiker, plantaardige olie (palm), maïszetmeel, aroma, emulgator (SOJALECITHINE)), plantaardige olie (palm), maïssiroop, WEIPOEDER (MELK), emulgator (E450), zout, rijsmiddelen (E500, E503)), Kokosrotsje (kokos, suiker, glucosestroop, KIPPENEI-EIWIT, dextrose, rijstebloem), WAFEL GEVULD MET CRÈME MET KOFFIESMAAK: (suiker, MELKCHOCOLADE (suiker, cacaoboter, volle MELKPOEDER, cacaomassa, watervrij MELKVET, emulgator (SOJALECITHINE)), gedeeltelijk gehard plantaardig vet (coprah), TARWEBLOEM, kleurstof (E150), aroma (koffie), plantaardige olie (palm), magere cacaopoeder, rijsmiddel (E500), zout, emulgator (SOJALECITHINE)), CHOC CHIP COOKIE: (TARWEBLOEM, plantaardige vetten (palm, raapzaad), suiker, chocolade (suiker, cacaomassa, cacaoboter, emulgator (SOJALECITHINE), aroma), cacaopoeder, volle MELKPOEDER, rijsmiddelen (E500, E503), zout, voedingszuur (E330), emulgator (SOJALECITHINE), aroma), KOEKJE IN ALLERHANDE VORMEN: (TARWEBLOEM, plantaardig vet en olie (palmvet, raapzaadolie), suiker, MELKPOEDER, zout, citroenrasp (suiker, fruit (citroen, citroenschil), gemodificeerd aardappelzetmeel, zuurteregelaar (E330), conserveermiddel (E224 (SULFIET))), emulgator (SOJALECITHINE), aroma, kleurstof (E160a), rijsmiddel (E503))

Product Per 100 g
Energy = 2084 kJ
Energy = 480 kcal
proteins = 4,6 g
carbohydrates = 64 g
of which sugars = 39 g
total fat = 25 g
saturated fat = 16 g
fibres = 3,9 g
salt = 0,57 g
Contains milk, egg, soy, gluten containing grain, wheat, tree nuts, sulphite, sesame, hazelnuts
May contain almond
Free from rye, fish, crustacean and shellfish, peanuts, celery, lupine, mustard, molluscs, barley, oat, spelt, kamut, walnuts, cashewnut, pecan, Brazil nut, pistachio, macadamia nut

This mix is a successful collection of the very best international biscuits, loved both at home and abroad.
This mix contains: Twister, luxurious cream biscuit, macaroon, coffee wafer, chocolate chip cookie, butter biscuits in various shapes.

PSV Products Coffee and Tea series

The Coffee and Tea series consists of special biscuits that have just that little extra. The wrappers depict images of the history of the coffee and tea trade through the centuries. Another characteristic of this series is its large diversity. For every flavour preference, there is a cookie to match!

8 710665 912618
Foodservice (zoet)
Portion packed (sweet)

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