Cities range 150 st

KOEKJE MET AMANDELSMAAK: (TARWEBLOEM, suiker, plantaardig vet en olie (palmvet, koolzaadolie), rijsmiddelen (E450, E500), zout, kaneel, aroma (amaretto)), KANEELKOEKJE: (TARWEBLOEM, margarine (plantaardige oliën (raapzaad, kokos, palm), emulgator (E471, zonnebloemlecithine), voedingszuur (E330), zout, aroma, kleurstof (E160a)), suiker, kaneel, rijsmiddelen (E500, E503), zout, kleurstof (E160a)), KOFFIEKOEKJE: (TARWEBLOEM, suiker, plantaardig vet en olie (palmvet, koolzaadolie), kandijstroop, rijsmiddel (E500), speculaaskruiden, zout), MINI WAFEL GEVULD MET CRÈME MET TOFFEESMAAK: (suiker, gedeeltelijk gehard plantaardig vet (coprah), TARWEBLOEM, EIGEELPOEDER, plantaardige olie (palm), suikerstroop, ROOMPOEDER, aroma (toffee 0,26%, vanilline), zout, rijsmiddel (E500)), SPECULAAS: (TARWEBLOEM, margarine (plantaardige oliën (raapzaad, kokos, palm), emulgator (E471, zonnebloemlecithine), voedingszuur (E330), zout, aroma, kleurstof (E160a)), suiker, bruine basterdsuiker (suiker, invertsuikerstroop, kleurstof(160d), speculaaskruiden, rijsmiddelen (E500, E503), zout), KOEKJE IN ALLERHANDE VORMEN: (TARWEBLOEM, plantaardig vet en olie (palmvet, raapzaadolie), suiker, MELKPOEDER, zout, citroenrasp (suiker, fruit (citroen, citroenschil), gemodificeerd aardappelzetmeel, zuurteregelaar (E330), conserveermiddel (E224 (SULFIET))), emulgator (SOJALECITHINE), aroma, kleurstof (E160a), rijsmiddel (E503))

Product Per 100 g
Energy = 2075 kJ
Energy = 496 kcal
proteins = 5,1 g
carbohydrates = 65 g
of which sugars = 32 g
total fat = 24 g
saturated fat = 14 g
fibres = 1,8 g
salt = 0,49 g
Contains milk, egg, soy, gluten containing grain, wheat, sulphite
May contain tree nuts, lupine, almond
Free from rye, fish, crustacean and shellfish, peanuts, celery, sesame, mustard, molluscs, barley, oat, spelt, kamut, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashewnut, pecan, Brazil nut, pistachio, macadamia nut

This extensive mix has something for everyone and contains no less than eight types of biscuits. This mix contains: Almond bread (Pain d'amande), cinnamon biscuits, coffee biscuits, mini toffee waffles, speculaas, butter biscuits in various shapes.

PSV – Products City Series

The City Series consists of traditional, authentic biscuits. The biscuits each have their own original recipe that has been loved for many years. Think of classics like the speculaas biscuit, coffee biscuit and the cinnamon biscuit.

This series is packaged in the wrapper theme ‘cities’. Showing images of, among others, Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney and New York. With their attractive appearance, these traditional biscuits will brighten up every cup of coffee or tea.

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Foodservice (zoet)
Portion packed (sweet)

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