Product development

Do you want to offer biscuits or baked products under private label? We will gladly relieve you of your worries! Many retailers, coffee roasters, and airlines have preceded you. We analyse your requirements, your target audience or even your coffee beans, to develop the best-fitting product. Together, we come to a solution that lives up to today’s trends and developments and ties in with all your wishes and, of course those of your guest, customer, or visitor!

Test bakery

Our focus is on the application of innovations, progress and talents. This allows us to continually surprise you. Every day our commercial team searches for trends and developments in your industry, while our developers experiment with ingredients and new recipes in our bakery. Owing to this combination, we surprise you with innovative solutions!

Logistical solutions

Taste is always central to our baked products. In addition, we pay at least as much attention to all processes surrounding those baked products. In the field of logistics, our focus is on worry relief as well. An experienced team works on the most worry-free logistical solutions. You, as the customer, do not need to worry about any of it. And that is just as enjoyable as our treats!


Of course, quality is very important to us. We comply with the strictest requirements and expect the same from our partners and suppliers. Our purchasing department only purchases the best resources under strict purchasing conditions. On top of that, all our resources are traceable. Using track and trace* we can see exactly where they have come from. In order to control our chain appropriately, we keep very close check of these.

New product concepts

Although a lot of our work is done on order, we are also constantly trying to innovate under our own label. So, you will regularly encounter new product introductions. Curious of our approach? We are happy to invite you to the Hoppe House to discover the future.